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Lucky's meteo

Webmaster: Luc Van Nerom
Actual weather sites, my favorites.
Belgocontrol The best for Belgium. (Need free login)
AEROWEB The best for France and good for Belgium, from Météo France. (Need free login)
Aéroweb 1 Notice utilisateur du site Aéroweb.
Aéroweb 2 Guide aviation d'Aéroweb, Météo France.
Mail à pour reçevoir le guide par la poste.
Aéroweb 3 Guide des Codes.
Aéroweb 4 Fiche coupe Trajet.
TOPMETEO Not cheap, but fantastic... It is the best for me.
TopMeteo – professional weather info from pilots for pilots!
Mil. code
METEOX Good satellite and radar images, mixed.
Meteoalerte Meteo alerts.
READY Actual and forecast weather for advenced pilots.
SAT24 Very good satellite images, also on Iphone. (look for "" application, 2,39€)
Book  JEPPESEN Aviation Weather book,,
Book  JEPPESEN Aviation Weather book, mypilotstore.
Attentions aux frais de transport (+ou- 50€) et dédouannement (+ou- 10€). Faites une commande groupé...
Opgepast voor transport- (+- 50€) en douanekosten (=- 10€). Groepeer de bestelling...

 Petit manuel de météo montagne, en stock chez et en Fr.
KMI - IRM D'ont forget our own KMI - IRM... ;-)
VENTUSKY   All in one...  (thanks to Albert Rowies fot the hint... ;-) )
Forecast sites, my favorits.
Meteoblue Swiss made... very good.. and much more if you pay 40€/year...
Good tools in 11 languages including NL, FR...
Good soundings and windspot.
WeatherOnline Nice expert charts... GFS, Lifted index, etc...
CH meteocentrale Also Swiss made... meteo for professional
- Turbulence for aviation
- Curents
- Foehn & Bise forecast
- Good "video" webcams (last houre) in CH...  fabulous!!!
Netweather Made in GB, very good weather forecast, see "Worldwide Weather forecast."
Region Nord 7-days forcast, temp, précipitation, lifted index etc.
OGIMET  Good site to prepare navigation, see "Gramet aero"
Meteonature Thanks to Vandepontseele Audran for this good Belgian meteo site.
XCWeather  5-day forecast.
Unif.Koeln 3-days forecast, university of Koeln in Germany.
Wetteronline ...
Other meteo sites.
Windyty Mondial windforcast... nice and utile.
Earth... Clic on "earth" down left.
Nice world wide overview!
Allmetsat Weather reports and forecasts, satellite images, tropical cyclones, world climate data
La Chaine Météo Good site for France
Meteofleche Meteo site of Cyril DUPONT.
Meteoservices Belgian, Duth site.
Info Climat Nice site!!!
NOAA Aviation Weather NOAA Aviation Weather Center
UK MET office UK MET office. (Need free login.)
Cloud Atlas Traduction in Englisch of the famous "Wolken Atlas" Allemand.
Prev. vol libre  Prévisions vol libre en France, aussi OK pour ULM vol en montagne!
Vols libre, balises Fédération Française de Vol Libre, Delta, parapente, cerf-volants, kite, etc
Webcams All webcams, specialy in the Alps. (vol libre Geneve)
Webcams All webcams on highways in France.
Austro control Aviation weather in Austria, free registration with licence.
Sun activity For Drones, communication problem.
Other sites
Skybriefing Skybriefing, site complet pour la Suisse, mais comme c'est Suisse... faut payer... ;-)
Baisy-Thy Baisy-Thy.
EBBY Site of Gerard Verhoeven, news of Baisy-Thy.
Luckyflyer My site with a lot of pictures...
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